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I AM AN ARTIST AND A CELEBRATOR, SO I LOVE TO CELEBRATE ART. DESIGNING SPECIAL OCCASIONS IS THE PERFECT WAY TO DO THIS. Planning and styling events has become my dream canvas and the perfect medium in which to combine my love for all things creative. I have a business degree, a packaging design minor and an art background, which has led me to my career as an event artist and coordinator. As the former creator of Lollipop Events & Designs I have been creating events for years. We have planned events in a variety of destinations including California, Louisiana, Hawaii, the Bahamas and Europe.

We love to paint events with a pallette of details! Do you have a ton of ideas but not know how to bring them together.? We will do this for you. From each ribbon on your napkin treatments, to all your event signage, selecting the perfect lighting to bathe your event in, coming up with creative seating cards and creating one-of-a-kind unique elements that will set your day apart. We will take your ideas and add to them, to ensure they all come together cohesively and creatively.

The ART of CELEBRATION: the combination of a flawless fete fused with a seamless planning process

A flawless fete: each celebration is a mixture of art. We illustrate event renderings, design site plans, build custom pieces, craft one-of-a-kind details, source furniture, lighting, wine, food, music, flowers, and will even scour flea markets, prop houses and unique stores to find the perfect pieces. All of this art is combined in the name of a happy celebration!

A seamless planning process: we are resourceful., we will find vendors and products that suit your style and budget as well as manage and negotiate your contracts. We will keep you organized with timelines, reminders, and budget sheets. Our team will oversee the entire production of the event, implement and install the designs, and supervise every detail along the way. You will feel like a guest at your own monumental celebration!

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